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Delivery Definitions

What is a Freight Delivery?

A freight delivery is when an item that needs to be shipped is 80 pounds or more.  Basically, any item that needs to be shipped under 80 pounds can go ground (UPS or FedEx).  Anything over 80 pounds must go Freight (one of the big semi-trucks you see on the freeway).

What is a Loading Dock?

a Loading Dock is a recessed bay in a building or facility where trucks are loaded and unloaded.  They generally back in and the dock is level with the truck for easy loading and unloading.

What is a Lift Gate?

When the shipping or receiving address does not have a loading dock, manual loading or unloading is necessary. A lift gate is a platform at the back of certain trucks that can raise and lower a shipment from the ground to the truck. Lift gate service is always used on freight exceeding 80 lbs in weight if loading dock is not available. If freight weight exceeds 80 lbs and loading dock is not available at pick-up and/or drop-off locations, a lift gate service must be purchased.

What is Curbside Delivery?

Curbside Delivery provides delivery made to the curb at the end of your driveway or parking lot.  It is not the driver’s responsibility to bring freight into house, garage, building, etc.  Drivers do not assist with unpacking, set-up or clean up.

What is Inside Delivery?

Inside delivery is when the driver brings the shipped items from the truck to the entrance of your building.  Generally this means the items will be brought inside the front or back door – for example, a lobby or back room.  Inside delivery does not include delivery down a hallway or up stairs.